Social Studies Program Goals 

"Building Citizens- One Student at a Time..."
National Council for Social Studies

Edmond 's Social Studies Program is committed to:


 Achieve academic excellence and equity for all students in social studies classes by increasing academic challenges, 

 Introduce students early to consistent, essential academic skills needed to succeed in any social studies class, 

 Focus on the "habits of the mind" which emphasize critical thinking, reading and writing experiences in all social studies classes, 

 Promote effective instructional strategies that make the educational experiences "seamless" for students, 

 Build a more rigorous curriculum at every grade level, 

 Facilitate information exchange among teachers at different grade levels by creating an environment where teachers are encouraged to discover and implement new ideas, 

 Promote opportunities and provide resources for professional growth of all social studies teachers. 

New COMMON CORE Standards for Literacy
in Social Studies;
Adopted by the state of Oklahoma, 2010

Introduction to the Common Core Standards (powerpoint)
About the Common Core Standards (publication)





Edmond's Social Studies Program for early elementary grades is comprised of the following scope and sequence of study which integrates the fields of history, culture, geography, economics, and government: 

         Grades K-1 Our School Community 
         Grades 1-2 Our Neighborhood 
         Grade 3 Our Community and Our State 
         Grade 4 Our Nation's Physical and Cultural Geography 
        Grade 5 Our Nation's History and Government

Edmond's Middle School Social Studies Program focuses on the following areas of study: 
         Grade 6 Western Hemisphere Geography 
         Grade 7 Eastern Hemisphere Geography 
         Grade 8 United States History and Government

Our High School Program requires each student to complete the following series of coursework: 
         Grade 9 Oklahoma History (one semester) 
         Grade 10 World History (one year) 
         Grade 11 United States History: 1850-present (one year) 
         Grade 12 United States Government (one year)

We are also proud to offer a wide selection of Advanced Placement Courses to high school students seeking to earn college credit through their high school studies. Currently the following options are available in our AP program: 

         AP European History (grades 10-12)
         AP Human Geography (grades 9-12)
         AP United States History (grade 11)
         AP Government and Politics (grade 12)
         AP Comparative Government (grades 10- 12)
         AP Economics (grades 10-12)
         AP Psychology (grades 10-12)
         AP World History.

Finally, our program offers many elective courses of one semester in length for those students interested in pursuing individual interests within the Social Studies. These include: 

         Multicultural History
         Contemporary Issues
         Civil and Criminal Law
         Military History.

For more information regarding the national standards for Social Studies, you are encouraged to visit the following sites: 

 National Council for Social Studies  

 National Council for Geographic Education  

 Center for Civic Education  

 National Council of Economic Education  

 National Council for History Education