STEPS Handbook

Strategies Toward Exceptional Performance of Students
in the Social Studies

The Social Studies Vertical Team has created the following collection of instructional strategies, effective in most every classroom and every course of study. Many strategies were developed by Edmond's own teachers, while others have come from national organizations, such as the College Board, NCSS, NCEE, NCHE, and NCGE. Additional strategies correlated to Common Core Literacy Standards implemented in Social Studies classrooms in Edmond have been researched and fieldtested by Edmond teachers.  Such strategies have been co-published by Edmond Schools and our state's professional organization- the Oklahoma Council for Social Studies. Go to to access these latest and greatest instructional ideas!  

Thank you to all teachers to contributed to the following collection! 

*Please download the latest version of Adode Reader to access the following files. 


 Critical Thinking



Anticipation Guides Alike But Different But-So Statements Bucket Art
Assess Document Worth Analogies & Metaphors Concept Journal Carousel
Bookmark Reminders Propaganda Analysis Defining Moments Clues
Collaborative Annotations Artifact Analysis DBQ Essays Collaborative Questions
Content Brainstorming Assessments DOKs Easy Essays Discover Causes
Content Brainstorm Sample Blooms Taxonomy Essays Discussion Web
DOGTAILS Causes & Consequences Expository Essay Feedback Flash
DRTA Directed Reading Complex Comparisons Five Themes Essay Four Perspectives
Generalizations Decision-Making Focus Free Writes Grand Conversation
Good Readers  DOK Samples Format for Essays Great Debates
In a Nutshell Fact Inf. T-Chart Impact Essay Hands Down
Interact Reading Fact or Inference Impact Essay sample Human Timeline
KWL Preview Frames of Reference Persuasive Writing Inner Outer Circle
KWL Visuals G-PERSIA Poem Two Voices Lively Discussions
Main Idea Tree Inquiry Chart Precis Multiple Perspectives
Making Ant. Guides Instructional Cycle Proposition Support Multiple Persp.Sample
New Reading Format Map Analysis Quick Writes Opinion Continuum
Prediction Map Motion Picture Guide RAFT Products Paired Reading
PreLearning Checklist Multiple Causation RAFT sample Putting Self in Picture
Radio Reading PERSIA Reflection Journal Reciprocal Teaching
SCIM-C Photo Analysis 1 Subtitle Summaries Request
Section Headings Photo Analysis 2 TAP SEED Discussions
SQ4R Photo Analysis 3 Teach MultiPara Socratic Seminar
SQR3 Poster Analysis Writing Rubrics Speaking Listening
Text Connections SEEP & SPRITE Yes-But
DBQ 4-Square
Think Pair Share
THIEVES SOAPS for Geography 3-2-1 Adapted Toast or Roast
Three Level Questions SOAPS Chart SOAPS w/Essential Ques You Decide
Try & Why SOAPS MultiChart Facebook Info Page Sneak Peeks
Words in Context SOAPS template Facebook Wall Page Musical Chairs
Word Walls SOAPStone template Historical Markers templates It's a Wrap
Word Splash SOAPStone Tips Point of View Letters
in Response
History Unfolding
Sound Recordings
Cooperative Learning
All About My Textbook T-PERSIA
QAR Written Docs 
CLOZE Essential Questions
Six-Step Paired Read & Notes Framing Ess.Ques.

Reading Role Cards

What Do I See    
CLOSE Reading SOAPS + CPR Anticipation Guide for Common Core    
CLOSE Mark-Ups Rainbow Reading Assessing the Worth of Documents    
All About My Textbook Compacting the Curriculum    
Repeated Reading History Unfolding (Concept Connections    
Vocab Clues on the Page List Group Label    
Patterns of Text Propaganda Analysis Worksheet    
Read Like Historian      
Vocabulary Through Author's Eyes      
 Graphic Organizers





ABC Organizer APPARTS Charts Advertisements
Action Map Cartoon Analysis Guide Collaboration DBQ Groups
Before and After Compacting Curriculum Compare Contrast Historical Investigations
Cause-Effect Chain Comparison Matrix Data Graphs Historical Markers
Cause-Effect Circle Concept Ladder Debates Sequence Strips
Cause-Effect Box Cornell Two-Columns Direct Response Essay Simulations
Clipboard Chain Decision-Making Grids Discussions Skits
Cluster Graphs Dialectical Journal Editorial Letters Unwrapping Standards

Cogs in Wheel

Dialectical Sample Editorials Meeting of Minds
Cycle Graph GIST Effective Teams Readers Theatre
Cycle Graph 2 GIST template Essays Generic WebQuests
Episodic Organizer HalfPage Solutions Shape Up Facebooks
Episodic Sample Half Page adapted Five Themes Chart Cereal Boxes
Event Map Identifications Graphic Organizers
Fishbone Organizer Impressions Video Guide Group Collaboration
Five Themes Organizer In Focus Video Guide Groups A
Five Themes Template Interactive Notebook Groups B
Graphic Organizers Margin Notes Graphic Org 2
HEI Cycle Graph Options Menu 1 Illustrated Maps
Hierarchy Chart Options Menu 2 Illustrated Timelines
Mind Maps Parallel Notetaking Interviews
Mind Map sample PLAN Journals
PIE Pre-Reading Notes Letters
WsOrganizer Pyramid Notes Magazines
Problem-Solving Flowchart Q-Notes MapsA
Spider Map Test Myself Mult. Choices Maps B
Story Snake Test Myself Multimedia A
Time Order Chart Test Myself-Basic Multimedia B
Tree Map Three Column Notes Newspapers
VENN Diagrams Timelines PresentationA
Yes-No Web Speculation or Evidence Presentation B
M & Ms Triangle Clues Persuasive Writing
CSI Graphic Organizer TACOS Podcasts
Concept Connections  Big Idea Notetaking WebQuests  
HEI Graphic Organizer Cause-Effect Organizer
for Common Core
Political Cartoons
Reading Tic-Tac-Toe Chunky Paired Reading & Note-taking Portfolio
RSVP Fact vs. Opinion for Common Core Poster
Concept Journal PAL Visual Analysis Guide Precis
Concept Ladder TACOS Presentations
Critical Analysis Organizer Triangle Clues Primary Sources
GIST 8-para organizer Venn Cause-Effect
for Common Core
Research Projects
Methods of Persuasion Notes SOAPS Citations for Common Core    
Three Perspectives Venn 6-Step Paired Reading
& Note-taking
Cause-Effect T-Chart Anticipation Guide for
Common Core Citations
Timelines B