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"I must write it all out, at any cost. Writing is thinking.
It is more than living, for it is being conscious of living."
Anne Morrow Lindbergh 

Curriculum, Instructional Materials, and Assessment

TTMS Strategy Guide - Steve Peha's extensive guide to reading, writing, and content area instructional strategies - Over 50 easy-to-use teaching strategies from "Teaching That Makes Sense" www.ttms.org

Holt Grammar Handbook Online Resources: http://go.hrw.com/hhb/ -  Links to interactive, scorable grammar, usage, and mechanics activities from the "Correcting Common Errors" chapter of Holt Handbook

Holt Internet Resources - Literature and Reading; Dictionaries and Word Guides; Style and Writing; Citation Guides; Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics; Research Guides; Speech, Debate, Media, Literacy, and Journalism; Study Skills; Teacher and Parent Resources  

McDougal-Littell Literature ClassZone.com Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12 - Students: Access the literature textbook ONLINE here! Students and teachers: Access the following resources: literature and reading, writing and grammar, vocabulary, assessment, research, media, teacher's toolkit.

Assessing Writing, Assessing Writers - Steve Peha's guide to writing assessment raises questions, offers suggestions, and generates thought about how parents, teachers, and students judge writing.  From www.ttms.org (Teaching That Makes Sense)

 Oklahoma State Department of Education

Oklahoma Testing Dates - Oklahoma School Testing Program (OSTP) calendar of OCCT (Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests) and EOI (End of Instruction) tests

Scoring Procedures - OCCT Writing Assessment - This link details scoring procedures for the OCCT writing test. 

English II Blueprint - The blueprint reflects the degree to which the PASS standards and objectives are represented on the test.

English III Blueprint - The alignment blueprint shows the overall distribution of operational items on the test form.

English II EOI Item Specifications and Sample Items - This document gives sample test questions for each PASS standard and objective on the test.

English III EOI Item Specifications and Sample Items - This document gives sample test questions for each PASS standard and objective on the test.

Performance Level Descriptors (Advanced, Proficient, Limited Knowledge, Unsatisfactory) - English II, English III

Analytic Rubric (English II, English III) - Writing rubric for the English II, III writing assessment

EOI Analytic Scoring Guide - This rubric is used on the Oklahoma End of Instruction Test to score each of the five analytic traits. 

EOI English II, III "Writing to Modes" - Descriptions of the modes of writing that will appear on the English II and III EOI tests

PASS (Priority Academic Student Skills) - Oklahoma's Required Curriculum

 Writing Across the Curriculum

NWP (National Writing Project) Writing Across the Curriculum Resources - A comprehensive, almost unbelievable collection of links to articles exploding with exciting ideas and discussions about writing across the curriculum - everything from the philosophy to the "nuts and bolts"

 ELL (English Language Learners)

ELL Writing, Grammar, and Teaching Links  pdf

 The Writing Center: High School Writing Rubrics

High Sch. Writing Rubrics - Rubrics for each of the traits of writing for grade levels 9-12

 The Writing Center: High School Writing Traits

High Sch. Writing Traits - Resources for each of the traits of writing: Ideas and Development; Organization, Unity, and Coherence; Word Choice; Sentences and Paragraphs; Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics

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