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Back to School SMART From Scholastic- Smart ideas and lessons
Earth Day Smart Activities Select one of 5 different lessons. Try Water Conservation for 3rd grade or
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
Famous People Lessons
by Scholastic
Learn about Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Martin Luther King, Jr.
or Anne Frank in these Smart Activity lessons
Interactive Literacy Sites Individual and group activities from The Teacher's Guide
Interactive Math Sites Individual and group activities from the Teacher's Guide
Interactive Whiteboard Games Choose Language Arts, Math, Science or The Arts from PBSkids
Interactive Whiteboard Activities Choose Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Math or Learning Games
and Teaching Tools Interactive resources presented by subject, grade level
Math &Science Lessons Math and Science lesson activities from Scholastic
Owl and Mouse
Educational Software
Maps, games, online activities
Phonics Lesson Activities Phonics lesson activities for grades K-3 from Scholastic
Register Your SmartBoard Register your SmartBoard and receive updates, software offer
Teaching with SmartBoard Learn innovative techniques and tips for using your SmartBoard in lessons. 
Tips and Techniques  Basic tips and techniques for getting started and troubleshooting