School Board

In conformity with the laws of the State of Oklahoma, the Board of Education consists of five members, one from each election district, each serving a five year term with one member's term expiring each year. Members must be bona fide residents and registered electors in the election district in which such person seeks to serve and have a high school diploma or GED.

Board Members

  Mrs. Lee Ann Kuhlman
District 1

3504 Rena Dawn Lane
Edmond, OK 73013
Home: 348-8630

Mrs. Kathleen Duncan
Vice President
District 2

18616 Wolf Creek Drive 
Edmond, OK. 73012 
Home: 348-2514 

Mr. Kemp Cole
District 5

6525 Oak Heritage
Edmond, OK 73025
Home: 359-0508

 Mrs. Jamie Underwood
District 3

1412 Folkstone 
Edmond, OK. 73034 
Home: 341-4408

Mrs. Cynthia Benson
District 4
2620 NW 160th Terrace
Edmond, OK 73013 
Home: 341-4847