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The email addresses below are for parent/staff communication.   

They are not to be downloaded and used for any other purpose, such as solicitation.

Staff E-Mail Addresses

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Candice Delcamp, Principal         Suzanne Hirzel, Assistant Principal       Evan Dargen, Assistant Principal

Alberts, Susan (Psychologist)

Ashcraft, Kimberly (1st)

Barlow, Cheryl (Lab)

Baltz, Breanna (4th)

Bavari, Kathy (2nd)

Bentley, Megan (K)

Boland, Danee (5th)

Bowden, Meagan (Pre-K)

Chartney, Janet (PE/Health)

Colton, Barbara (ELL)

Courtney, Kimberly (1st)

Cross, Kimberly (3rd)

Cunningham, Julie (K)

Dailey, Kaitlin (3rd)

DeQuasie, Sherri (Pre-K)

Elkins, Amber (K)

Fecht, Bethany (Attendance)

Finley, Brenda (Psychologist)

Fleetwood, Debbie (Counselor) 

Foster, Suzy (Media Specialist)

Fuchs, Brenda (4th)

Gies, Jennifer (3rd)

Gordon, Molly (Special Education)

Guarnieri, Tiffany (K)

Hale, Shelly (1st)

Hardaker, Tammy (Title I)

Harris, Donni (4th)

Harrison, Stacy (5th)

Hines, Megan (1st)

Hodges, Cindi (Gifted)

Kidwell, Susan (Special Education)

Krist, Donna (K)

Kroencke, Trish (Media Assistant) 

Larrison, James (Music)

Larson, Diane (K)

Lawson, Rhonda (PE/Health)

LeCompte, Delen (4th)

Lipps, Kelly (2nd)

Lipscomb, Angela (1st)

Lorenz, Jan (2nd)

McGuire, Monica (Speech)

Mikles, Paula (Financial)

Miller, Amy (5th)

Milton, Carrie (5th)

Partin, Glendon (PE)

Penner, Lisa (Title I)

Price, Jeff (PE)

Qualls, Kim (Lab)

Riser, Jenna (3rd)

Savedra, Tara (Speech)

Shan, Melissa (1st)

Shirley, Terri (3rd)

Soliz, Debbie (Speech)

Stavish, Jennifer (Nurse)

Stephens, Susan (1st)

Stevenson, Beth (Pre-K)

Strong, LaDonna (5th)

Tesfai, Zigo (Cafeteria Mgr.)

Trotter, Ginny (Registrar)

Vandiver, Mitchell (Music)

Via, Jane (2nd)

Wade, Doris (2nd)

Weaver, Melanie (3rd)

Winters, Beth (4th)

Wooldridge, Jeanna (4th)

Zeiler, Angela (2nd)

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