8th Grade Career Research Paper

Research Supplies Needed:

  • Manila envelope provided
  • Clear plastic folder or other cover for final paper
  • Notebook paper
  • 3 x 5 or 4 x 6 note cards
  • Ziploc bag or pencil bag for note cards
  • Highlighter

 Research paper requirements:

A complete explanation of the research paper will be given step-by-step in class.   All papers are required to include each of the following:

  • Title page
  • Table of contents
  • Outline of paper
  • Body of paper (600-1200 words typed, or in ink, with proper MLA parenthetical in-text citation) 
  • Works Cited (Bibliography page - see MLA Style Guide for this paper)
    • Seven Sources are required from 3 different categories

Categories are:

1.     Encyclopedia article (book encyclopedia, World Book Online, or CD-Rom encyclopedia)  --  only 1 encyclopedia source may be used

2.     Periodicals:  magazine, newspaper, pamphlet – these are accessed through databases on the Media Center research page (see database handout) Student Research Center is the recommended database for magazines for this assignment

3.     Books:  reference books, non-fiction books, biographies or autobiographies

4.     Internet sources:  if accessed from outside the library catalog, must be validated with CMS Evaluation Website Form 

5.     Personal or telephone interview

6.     Documentary style videos, movies, television shows

  • Visuals -- chart/graph that supports or adds relevant information about your topic. Your may create the chart from information you have learned or use one you have found. This should not just be a picture of someone doing the job. It must have a caption and citation. This source must be included on the works cited page. It may come from one of the seven required sources or be an additional source.

Format: Expository Writing
The paper must be written in third person. Do not use 'I'. Paper must have an introduction (with a grabber, three eleaboration sentences, and thesis), body paragraphys (with topic sentence, detail and vivid detail sentences, and conclusion sentence), and a conclusion paragraph, and a final clincher sentence). In-text parenthetical citation must be included each time material from a source is used either as a direct quote or paraphrased in your own words. Paper should fully explore every aspect of the career chosen.

Include information about each of these aspects and/or other important information about your chosen career:

  • Education - level needed, cost, best schools for this field, time involved, skills needed, course of study, etc.
  • Employment Oppurtunities - number of job openings, area of need in the United States and around the world, oppurtunities for advancement, related occupations.
  •  Income Range - entry level pay, income ceiling, fringe benefits, opportunities for travel, overtime pay, tuition for further education, etc.
  • Work Environment - indoor/outdoor, social/solitary, city/country, noisy/quiet, etc.
  • Dress - casual, professional.
  • Responsibilities/Duties - what does a person in this career do throughout the day? Example: a nurse might administer medicine, take vital signs, dress wounds, supervise and schedule other health care providers, confer with doctors, chart patient information, talk with family, etc. Give details for the career you select.
  • Other Information - high rish/low risk occupation, opportunities for personal satisfaction, etc.
  • Related jobs - Example: a nurse may use the education to become nurse practictioner, home health care nurse, etc.

Do not give a history or focus on a person in your chosen career.

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