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Visitor Access Procedures

The visitor control program is based upon a thorough understanding of Edmond Public Schools administration, principals and staff. An understanding assures the integration of these disciplines that are necessary to control access into and out of the schools by any visitor.

 The authority and requirements on which the program is based are contained in this procedure.

1.     All visitors during school hours must sign in and out at the office.

2.     District employees must wear identification badges at all times.

3.    Support employees must check in with the office before performing work in the building. Exceptions to this would be maintenance personnel who may check in via radio with the Head Custodian who in turn would notify the office immediately.

4.    All vendors must check in with the office before performing any work in the buildings.

5.    Visitor badges or visitor stickers may be made of any material a site chooses. All badges or stickers will be easily identifiable by building staff as a visitor badge.

6.    All badges or stickers must have the date and room number of where the visitor is going written on them before leaving the office.

7.     Visitor badges are good for one day only.

8.     Log sheets will be reviewed at the end of each day to ensure all people have checked out.

9.    Exceptions to the above are limited to tours and special events when a large number of visitors are attending. In the event there are large groups of visitors in the building, direct routes need to be established to control the access to other parts of the building.

10. Regular visitors may be issued a permanent type visitor badge but must still check in at the office.

 All Employees are to be aware of all visitors in buildings and are instructed to escort any visitor found in the building without a visitor badge to the office to check in and obtain a badge.

 Employees should not accept visitors into their classroom or work area who have not checked in at the office.

 The Administration directs implementation of this procedure in their buildings.

 The Safety Officer will conduct spot inspections to insure this procedure is being followed and a written report of findings will be provided to Administration (Principals and Supervisors) and the Superintendent.

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