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Elementary Resources

Some sites may be in the process of updating.
  1. Go For the Gold from Scholastic
    &In the News - up to the minute reports.
    &History of the Games - find out where it all began.
    &More to Explore - Olympic facts and fun.
    &In My Backyard - would you want the Olympics in your city?
    &Get in the Game - it's Greek to Me.

  2. Time for Kids News
    &Plus a Virtual Voyage through Italy including
    &Native Lingo where you can hear phrases in Italian.
    &Events - Learn who, what, and how behind each event. 
  3. U.S. Olympic Team
    Great for younger grade levels.
    &Click Slug in the Winter Base Camp for events & rules.
    &See Rusty Raccoon's video, "What About Bobsled?"
  4. Olympic Games from Enchanted Learning
    &Read and try the crossword puzzle.
    &Olympics quiz
    &Printable medals
  5. Winter Olympic Activities
  6. Winter Olympics from Fact Monster
    Information and quizzes. Medal standings here.
    Winter Olympics Memorable Moments
  7. Turin 2006 including Follow the Flame
    Spectacular video.
  8. Go For the Gold Cyberhunt from Scholastic
    Some links are broken. Replacement options:
    &Question #2 - use the link at question #1.
    &Question #5 - use an online dictionary to look it up.
    Question #8 - replacement question: What did Jean Prahm's mother do to help her go to luge camp when she was a teenager? Click link #11 listed here for the answer and read other bios of 2006 winter athletes.
  9. The Ancient Greek Olympics
    from Social Studies for Kids
  10. Greece, a Photographic Journey
    Excellent photos of sites in Greece.
  11. U.S. Olympic Team
    Winter athletes
  12. Ben's Guide to Government
    Including the meaning of the colors of the flag, and the National Anthem.
  13. Profiles of countries
    from National Geographic's Map Machine
  14. Olympics Trivia
    from Kids' Turn Central
  15. Olympic Ceremonies and Symbols
  16. Ancient Olympics Cyberhunt
  17. Olympics Timeline from InfoPlease
  18. Weather Underground
    Search for Torino, Italy. Create five-day forecasts, and compare weather.
    Use Create a Graph to generate charts and graphs.
  19. World Book - Olympic Games
    Tip: Click "Next Section" at the bottom of each section to advance to the next page.
  20. Get to Know the Games
    &Winter Events
    &Summer Events
  21. Olympic Schedule
     from NBC


    Teachers Section


  22. Olympics worksheets & printables from ABC Teach
    Multi content areas using Olympic theme.
  23. Winter Olympics worksheets & printables
    from Teach-Nology
    Scroll down to see Olympic worksheets.
    To print use the "Print this worksheet" button found above each worksheet.
    Be aware this site uses pop-up ads.
  24. Olympics printables from EdHelper
    Some items require membership to print.
    &Dot-to-dot Count By 2s, 3s, - 10s.
  25. World Flags to Color
    Including U.S. with or without color key.
  26. Printable world map
    from EduPlace
  27. Medals for Team USA from Education World
    Printable worksheet to create a bar graph.
  28. Kidzone
    math worksheets

    Winter Olympics Coloring Pages from Free Kids Coloring

    Lesson Plans (Some include worksheets.)
  29. Lesson Plans from Teach-Nology
    &Downhill Discoveries from Marty Stallings, Orvis Risner Elementary
    &Winter Olympic Ideas from Gigglepotz
  30. Olympic Curriculum Guide
    Click here for the printable Sports Measuring Tape.
  31. REACH - An Educator's Guide to the Olympics
    Click here for a Table of Contents
    &Country Cubes lesson plan is found in the Countries, Culture, Customs, and Geography category. Click here for an optional cube pattern.
    2006 Winter Olympics Participating Nations from Wikipedia
  32. Olympic Winter Sports Lessons
  33. Integrating the Olympics into Your School Year
  34. Olympic Classroom Lessons
    including Foreign Currency
  35. Catch Winter Olympic Fever
    an online collaborative activity where you can vote for your favorite Olympic event

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