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Sanctioned Organizations

About Sanctioned Organizations

Sanctioning Application Process


* See an Administrator or Counselor for form (these are no longer in the Attendance Office)


* Attendance and grades will be checked before you will receive a form, so if you have more than 6 absences in any class or are failing a class, do not request a form


* Form must be completed by a parent and returned to the Attendance Office by Thursday afternoon - NO EXCEPTIONS!


* If form is approved and returned, you must sign out in the Attendance Office before leaving



* You must NOT be on the ineligibility list (no failing grades);


* You must NOT have excessive absences or be on an attendance contract;


* Your parent must call IN ADVANCE of the activity;


* You must come to the ATTENDANCE OFFICE and SIGN OUT and pick up a pass;


* You must return with a signature from the coach or a ticket from the event, with your name on the ticket, to the attendance office.

Site Athletic Director

Bill Bays


 EMHS Head Coaches


Baseball - Kyle Roberts Soccer, Girls - Randy Bohuslavicky
9th Baseball - Justin Bangert 9th Soccer, Girls - Kyle Christensen
Basketball, Girls - Dandy Peeler Soccer, Boys - Jeff Lovett
9th Basketball, Girls - Janet Chartney 9th Soccer, Boys - Josh Williams
Basketball, Boys - Shane Cowherd Softball - Janet Chartney
9th Basketball, Boys - Logan Thomas Swim - Steve Riggs
Cheer - Julie Oppel Tennis, Girls - Leslie Clothier
9th Cheer - Tara Goike Tennis, Boys - Leslie Clothier
Cross Cntry, Girls - Sunny Baldridge
Track, Girls - Tim Grantham
Cross Cntry, Boys - David Sammons 9th Track, Girls - 
Football - Justin Merideth Track Boys - Chris Lowrey
9th Football - Tim Grantham 9th Track, Boys - Rick Leath
Golf, Girls - Kim Walters Volleyball - Natalie Murray
Golf, Boys - Scott MacDonald 9th Volleyball - Audra Nagel
Pom - Teri Ogle Wrestling - Darren Huff
9th Pom - Dawnetta Russell JH Wrestling - Lee Davis

For more information on individual sports go to or click the links to the right. 

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