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    3rd Hr AP Biology

    4th AP Biology

    2nd Lunch

    5th PLAN

    6th Hr AP Biology

    7th Hr Reserved

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AP Bio Semester Test Hints Fall 2011.doc






This set from 2010










 Fri Aug 19

Syllabus, Exercise 1

Vocab packet

 Mon Aug 22


Cont. Ex. 1

Look for Pill Bugs

 Tues Aug 23

Safety, Website & Web Access, bring pill bugs

 Wed Aug 24

Exercise 1 due, Safety contract & safety ws due

ppt Ch. 1

 Thurs Aug 25

cont. ppt ch 1

Lab 11 Info:  bring pill bugs!

 Fri Aug 26

LAB 11 Animal behavior:  we need pill bugs!

Ch. 1 ws due

 Mon Aug 29

PPT ch. 22

assign Evolution packet

 Tues Aug 30

Lab 11 due

cont. notes ch 23

 Wed Aug 31

Hardy-Weinberg problems

Read Lab 8

 Thurs Sept 1

Cont. ch. 23

cont Lab 8

 Fri Sept 2

finish ppt ch 23

Get hints,cont Lab8

 Labor Day


Work on Hints (see post hints   Ch. 22&23) Work on Reading Guides Ch. 22 & 23 (see link)

 Wed Sept 7

Finish Notes

Homework:  Lab 8 & Evolution Packet

 Thurs Sept 8

Lab 8 due

Evolution Packet due  *ERROR in packet:  Part 6 is from Ch.24 so wait to do 1-5 pg.9&10

Fri Sept 9

Test Ch. 22&23

Reading guides due & hints due



 Mon Sept 12

Begin Ch. 24&25 with pptCh24 notes, assign Vocab, assign Evolution packet completion

Go over Ch22&23 test

 Tues Sept 13

Cont. ppt Ch 24,

Assign Study Guide

 Wed Sept 14

Ch. 24 activity:  Investigation Genetic Isoloation

Work on study guide

Passed Test Hints

 Thurs Sept 15

Ch. 25 ppt notes, computer activity:  Classification Schemes

 Fri Sept 16

finish Ch. 25 ppt

work on study guide (due Monday)

 Mon Sept 19

Grade Study Guide

Ask hint q's

Last day for retake

 Tues Sept 20

Ch. 24&25TEST Reading guides and HINTS due vocab due 24&25

 Wed Sept 21


See Ch.24&25 test

 Thurs Sept 22

Parade through the Kingdoms

 Fri Sept 23

Parade through the Kingdoms

Take home Quiz over Ch.26,27,28

 Mon Sept 26

Parade cont.

Work on Quiz

 Tues Sept 27

Finish notes, work on quiz

Foglia PPT


 Wed Sept 28

Last day to retake ch24&25

Vocab & RG's 26,27,28; Finish quiz, do free response

 Thurs Sept 29

Population Dynamics Lab

Assign Read Ch. 50,51,52,53,54,55

 Fri Sept 30

Finish Population Dynamics Lab


 Mon Oct 3

Survey Ch. 50

Media & Self Quiz will be TUESDAY (not open book or notes, brain only!)

 Tues Oct 4

Quiz Ch. 50

Read Ch. 51, assign notesheet

 Wed Oct 5

Notes & videos Ch. 51

 Thurs Oct 6

More notes & videos & discussion

 Fri Oct 7

Finish Ch. 52, begin 53 notes

Assign Ecology Sample Questions

 Mon Oct 10

Cont. 53 notes, Virtual Lab

 Tues Oct 11

Begin DO lab

 Wed Oct 12

Cont. DO lab, cont notes

 Thurs Oct 13

Cont DO lab, cont notes, get hints

 Fri Oct 14

Notes Ch. 53


 Mon Oct 17

Notes Ch. 54

 Tues Oct 18

Finish notes, work on lab, ask hint questions

 Wed Oct 19

TEST CH. 51-54,    vocab 50-55 due, reading guides due

 Fall Break

Prep for free response quiz over DO on Monday

 Fall Break

 Mon Oct 24

Free ResponseDO, and DO Lab due

 Tues Oct 25

Start Ch. 2 ppt

assign Ch.2&3quiz

Wed Oct 26

ppt Ch. 3, work on quiz

Thurs Oct 27

Finish ppt, finish & work on Quiz

Fri Oct 28

Ch.4 ppt,        grade Ch.2&3 quiz, assign review, get hints

Mon Oct 31 is my 42nd birthday!

Ch5ppt, begin molecule activity

Tues Nov 1

cont. molecule activity & ppt ch5

Parent/teacher conferences 4-8


  Wed Nov 2

grade review, ask hint questions

 Thurs Nov 3

TEST CH2,3,4,5 and vocab due and reading guides due

Parent/teacher conferences 4-8

 out of school

 Mon Nov 7

Ch6 Reading Q's 6.1-6.4

ppt notes

Tues Nov 8    

ppt and work    

 Wed Nov 9

Grade 6.1-6.4RQ's

ppt & work

 Thurs Nov 10

DeSpain sick, work on RQ's 6.4-6.7 and work on vocab

 Fri Nov 11

Grade RQ's6.4-6.7

Cont ppt notes, assign Ch.7 RQ's due next Wed

 Mon Nov 14

Organelle Quiz

Need Lab A materials tomorrow

 Tues Nov 15

Lab A

Notes Ch.7

 Wed Nov 16

Notes Ch7, pass Lab B-E

Grade RQ's Ch.7

 Thurs Nov 17

LabA due

work on Lab B

 Fri Nov 18


Lab E:  see link for plasmolysis cells

 Mon Nov 21

Lab C&D

Assign UTube challenge questions

 Tues Nov 22

Complete Lab C&D

Assign Aquaporins

 Happy Thanksgiving!

Due next Tues:      Diffusion Lab, UTube Challenge, Aquaporins 



 Mon Nov 28

Ch.11&45 Reading Q's in class groups &finish LabB-E

 Tues Nov 29

Assignments due: Lab B-E, UTube Challenge, Aquaporins

Discuss "My Dog is Broken"

 Wed Nov 30

ppt 11 & 45  

"My Dog is Broken"

 Thurs Dec 1

check 11&45 RQ's

Assign:  Cell Signaling Poster

 Fri Dec 2

Lab F water potential

Pass Enzyme Lab

 Mon Dec5

Gather materials for Enzyme Lab, work on poster

 Tues Dec6

Enzyme Lab

 Wed Dec7

finish Enzyme lab, work on poster or hints

 Thurs Dec8

MUST finish Enzyme lab

Ask hint Q's

 Fri Dec9

TEST Ch.6,7,11,&45

Vocab 6,7,45 due

 Mon Dec 12

Poster's due

Look at test, get hints

 Tues Dec 13

Lab 5 Respiration pre-lab, work on vocab

 Wed Dec 14

Respiration Lab

 Thurs Dec 15

Finish lab, work on hints, show DeSpain your vocab

 Fri Dec 16

Grade Respriation lab, get last grade check, vocab check

work on hints and ask hint questions

 Mon Dec 19

sem tests, last chance to turn in vocab

 Tues Dec 20

sem tests, no really:  last day to turn in vocab







 Wed Jan 4

Go over osmosis & water potential break work

Enzyme Catalysis review

 Thurs Jan 5

Collaberate on Enzymes at work and graph analysis and Reading Q's Ch8 "Metabolism"

 Fri Jan 6

Begin Ch8 ppt notes, cont. work

 Mon Jan 9

ppt notes ch8

work on Ch8Q's

 Tues Jan 10

RQ MetabolismDue

next Reading Q's

ppt Ch.9

 Wed Jan 11

ppt ch 9, video Bio flix w/ note sheet

Gather DPIP supplies

 Thurs Jan 12


 Fri Jan 13

DPIP Lab cont.

Next RQ due

get ch 9 RQ & hints

 MLK Day

 Tues Jan 17

Ch 9 Interactive notes

 Wed Jan 18

DPIP Lab Due

Cont. notes

 Thurs Jan 19

work on hints, Ch9RQ due,       ask hint questions

 Fri Jan 20

Test Ch. 8&9

Vocab Ch. 8&9 due

 Mon Jan 23

Fruit Flies:  More Intro WS

Get Plant Pigments Lab

 Tues Jan 24

Tests back

Reading Q's Ch.10 cont. fruit fly work get notes Ch.10

 Wed Jan 25

Plant Pigments Lab

Cont. Fruit Fly work

Begin Ch. 10 notes

 Thurs Jan 26

Ch. 10 notes, work on Ch. 10 RQ's

 Fri Jan 27

Grade Plant Pigments Lab, grade Ch.10 RQ's

Cont.Notes Ch. 10 Assign: 8&9Review

 Mon Jan 30


Finish ppt notes

 Tues Jan 31

Grade 8&9 Review Grade3FruitFlyWS's:  Use Ch.15 to help!W/ Fruit Flies

Ask hint Q's

 Wed Feb 1

Test Ch. 8,9&10

Vocab Ch. 10 due

 Thurs Feb 2

Fruit Fly Lab???

 Fri Feb 3

Ch41&42 RQ's

 Mon Feb 6

Notes Ch41 ppt

pick up Lab 10

 Tues Feb 7

notes cont. ch 41

practice Lab 10, check on flies

 Wed Feb 8

Lab 10, check on flies

 Thurs Feb 9

Finish Lab 10, check flies, handouts for Ch42, begin notes Ch. 42

 Fri Feb 10

RQ Ch.41 due

Heart diagram Quiz on Monday, get hints, cont. ppt

 Mon Feb 13

Heart Quiz

cont. 42 ppt notes

 Tues Feb 14

Grade Lab 10

cont. 42 ppt notes, work on 42 RQ, watch animations

 Wed Feb 15

Grade RQ Ch.42

Ask Hint Q's

 Thurs Feb 16

Test Ch.41&42

Vocab 41&42 due

Transfer flies!!!!

 Fri Feb 17

Go over test

Transfer Flies Syllabus Change:  Begin Ch. 12

 Mon Feb 20th

inservice(no school)

 Tues Feb 21

Flies, RQ's 12&13, notes Ch.12&13

 Wed Feb 22

Virtual Lab & look at actual slides, work on RQ's

 Thurs Feb 23

notes oyo 12&13, work on RQ's

Kayotype activity

 Fri Feb 24

RG Ch. 12&13 due

Pop Beads

 Apr 2

notes, lab bench, set up ecoli plates

 Apr 3

pBLU lab, gels

 Apr 4

pBLU and gel labs

 Apr 5

analysis of gels and plates

IQ 20 due & Crime Scene DNA due

 Apr 6

Vocab Ch. 16&17 due, TEST Ch. 16,17,18,20

 Apr 9

Finish pBLU & Gel Electrophoresis Labs, Begin Plant Unit, bring small plants for bonus

 Apr 10

grade labs, begin ch36 notes

 Apr 11

notes ch36&37

 Apr 12

notes 37 & virtual Transpiration Lab

 Apr 13

notes ch 39, lab prep

 Apr 16

Transpiration lab prep        

 Apr 17

Transpiration Lab

 Apr 18

Transpiration Lab

 Apr 19

text support, work on reading guides

 Apr 20

Lab due

work on reading guides or vocab

 Apr 23

Open book plant TEST

 Apr 24

Finish plant test

 Wed Apr 25

work on mock review, go over plant test, turn in vocab for plants

 Thurs Apr 26

review, work on hints

 Fri Apr 27

Links for review

 Mon Apr 30

Last chance to ask mock hints

 Tues May 1

AP Bio Free Response

 Wed May 2

AP Bio Multiple Choice

 Thurs May 3

Finish AP Bio Mock

 Fri May 4

Go over Mock

Mon May 7

Go over exam, pass Veggie Project, work on "Passport"

 Tues May 8

Review handouts or work on "Passport to the Animal Kingdom" due Fri

Wed May 9

Lecture Hall to work on Veggie Recipe or final paper or general review from web


Thurs May 10

Practice exam or work on "Passport"

Fri May 11

Final Review!!!

"Passport..." Due

Actual AP Bio Exam AM session in the Dog House May 14th Good Luck!

 Mon May 14

Actual AP Exam!!!


 Tues May 15

Teacher Evaluation

 Wed May 16

Veggie Project Due

 Thurs May 17

Wetland Clean-up

 Fri May 18

Graduation Practice, classroom cleaning

 Mon May 21

Review for tests, peer review final paper

 Tues May 22

3rd hour final paper due

 Wed May 23

4th hour final paper due!!!




 Mon Feb 27

Pop beads demo, notes, assign Ch. 14 Reading Q's due Fri

 Tues Feb 28

Lecture Hall computer lab

 Wed Feb 29

Lecture Hall textbook supplement assignment

 Thurs Mar 1

Move adult Flies  Practice Problems as notes, cont. note packet

 Fri Mar 2

work more practice problems, cont. note packet

 Mon Mar 5

Reading Q's 14&15 due

cont notes,         Ch 15 gene mapping  dueThurs

 Tues Mar 6

work on notes and gene mapping

 Wed Mar 7

"Diagnosis of a Congenital Disorder" due Thurs (tomorrow!)

 Thurs Mar 8

Grade Mapping &grade "Diagnosis" ask hint Q's

 Fri Mar 9

Test Ch. 12-15

Vocab 12-15 due

 Mon Mar 12

Finish Fly data

 Tues Mar 13

Chi Square & Body systems Quiz

 Wed Mar 14

Chi square & Body systems Quiz

 Thurs Mar 15

Fruit Fly Lab DUE

Body Systems Quiz Due

 Fri Mar 16

Spring Break Assignments due Tuesday after Break

 Mon Mar 26

Ch16-20 notes

ch. 16 IQ

 Tues Mar 27

DNA "Races",notes

SB work due

 Wed Mar 28

IQ 16 Due, Assign IQ 17    

 Thurs Mar 29

DNA scissors, gel electrophoresis prep

 Fri Mar 30

Grade IQ 17, assign IQ20, assign crime scene

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