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400 West 8th

Edmond, OK 73003

 Dr. Kartina McDaniel


 Mr. James Pratt

(Asst. Principal)

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  Pre-K  8:20-2:45












Before and After School Care - KIDS' COVE!!
Kids' Cove is one hour before school (7:00am) and three hours after school (6:00pm).  For more information, please contact Mrs. Kimberly Shook at 726-3843 or Christine Toy 726-3834.


Sunset Elementary



Important Dates Coming Soon

Testing is quickly approaching. Test will occur on the following dates. Please make sure your children are at school and on time. They need a healthy breakfast and lots of sleep. We are also looking for test monitors. If you are able to volunteer please contact the school. 

Tuesday, April 14th - Reading Part A (3rd - 5th)
Wednesday, April 15th - Reading Part B (3rd - 5th)
Thursday, April 16th - Science Part A (5th grade only)
Friday, April 17th - Science Part B (5th grade only)
Tuesday, April 21st - Math Part A (3rd - 5th)
Wednesday, April 22nd - Math Part B (3rd - 5th)
Thursday, April 23rd - Social Studies Part A (5th grade only)
Friday, April 24th - Social Studies Part B (5th grade only)





Optional prepay program for cafeteria meals. Add to and check your account online at or call (866) 904.6087. Visa, Master Card, Discover cards accepted. Service fees apply. You can still pay with check or cash in the cafeteria.

We have a Recycling Bin in the
parking lot on Fretz & 9th Street. 
Bring your newspapers, magazines,
 catalogs, school and office papers!


Parent Guides to Common Core
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