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Substitute Handbook

The Substitute Handbook is designed to provide you with valuable information about the practices, policies, responsibilities, and benefits of EPS. Please take time to read this handbook.

What’s Great About Substitute Teaching?

·         No prior experience needed

·         No teaching certificate required

·         Flexible work schedule

·         Ability to choose your schools

·         Training provided

How Do I Start The Process of Becoming a Sub?

Substitutes must be 21 years old and complete annual paperwork and tutorials. Also, new substitutes are required to attend orientation.  In addition, all subs must have a clear Oklahoma State Department of Education (OKSDE) criminal history report on file.

We hold an orientation for new substitutes to go over everything you need to be prepared for the classroom.

New Sub Orientation is held at the EPS Administration Center, 1001 W. Danforth Road, in the Board of Education Building Conference Rooms at the south end of the building. A link to attend the two-hour, in-person training will be included in the New Substitute onboarding tasks. 

Substitute Duty Hours 

Substitute hours for full-day employment are as follows:

High Schools

7:50 AM-3:20 PM (1st thru 6th)
7:50 AM-4:20 PM (1st thru 7th)
8:50 AM-4:20 PM (2nd thru 7th)

Middle Schools

7:10 AM—2:40 PM


Early Elementary 8:15 AM—3:45 PM
Late Start Elementary 8:45 AM—4:15 PM


Certified: $85 per day

Non-certified: $75 per day.

Pay Dates

2023-2024 Substitute Teacher Pay Dates

Substitute Teacher Pay Dates 23-24

2023-2024 Substitute Teacher Pay Dates


Once hired, you will have access to helpful videos, tip sheets, and other resources to be successful in your role as a substitute.


If you have additional questions, please contact the District Substitute Coordinator at (405) 340-2216.