Regular attendance is an integral part of the learning process. Help your child succeed in school by understanding how Edmond Public Schools (EPS) and the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OKSDE)  evaluate absences.  You are encouraged to review our recently updated attendance policy (#4200) and regulations (#4205) and (#4210R)  

What are allowable absences?

Allowable absences are defined by the OKSDE and EPS policies #4205 and #4210R.  Parents/Guardians must provide documentation for their student’s absence. Below are examples of allowable absences:

  • Personal or family illness 

  • Death of an immediate family member

  • Medical appointments 

  • Religious

  • Family emergency

  • Legal/Judicial matters

What are unexcused absences?

Unexcused absences are recorded when a student misses school for any reason not classified as allowable such as:

  • Missing the school bus

  • Working

  • Sleeping too late

  • Family vacations

  • Early-outs and tardies

Distance Learning/Virtual Attendance

A student will not be considered absent from school if they are completing work in Edmond’s virtual online program and meet the following requirements.

  • The student completes no fewer than 90% of the instructional activities 

  • The student is on pace for on-time completion of the course

  • The student has a medical condition that incapacitates and precludes them from participating in instruction in a traditional school setting 

Chronic Absenteeism 

A student who misses 10% or more days of school will be marked as chronically absent based on the state’s ruling, exclusive of a significant medical condition. 10% of a school year is equivalent to 18 days or 2 days per month. 


Communication with parents/guardians is made through a phone call and digital letter when a student has reached 4, 7, and 10 absences. Per state policy, should the student miss more than 10 days, a letter will then be sent home by the truancy officer. The following unexcused absence codes are used for truancy: U and DVA. A combination of 3 early-outs or tardies will result in 1 absence.

Keep Track of Your Student’s Attendance

You can find attendance information within the EPS Parent Portal under the “Attendance” tab. 


If you have additional questions, call or email your school’s attendance office or school administrators.