Technology Overview

Edmond Public Schools seeks to empower all students to succeed in a changing society. Technology has created avenues that enrich student learning, increase engagement, create collaboration opportunities, and make learning available anywhere.

Every student has been issued a device: PreK-2nd grades have iPads, and 3rd-12th grades have Chromebooks. In addition to the devices, our students have many resources available to support learning in a digital environment:

These resources and many more enhance the curriculum to foster creativity, promote collaboration, empower choice, and inspire reflection among our students.

students in class

Student Technology Information

The device your student will receive has a protective case to prevent accidental damage, but we strongly recommend that parents purchase the $25/year Student Technology Protection Plan (STPP). Parents will be financially responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged devices, chargers, and cases.  You may pay for the STPP online via our InTouch payment system.

Families are required to complete this agreement when student information is updated in Infinite Campus. This agreement explains student technology expectations and lists various platforms used in our schools. This form should be completed prior to your student receiving a device.

Virtual Edmond Technology Information

Edmond students have the option to participate in a virtual learning environment to allow asynchronous learning. If you are interested in learning more about the technology used in this program, click here.