The EPS Communications Department is responsible for all internal and external communications, marketing and branding throughout the district.

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Jeff Bardach

Public Information Officer


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Traci Hayes

Digital Content Creator


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Arin Smith

Digital Media Specialist


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If you are an EPS employee who needs help with graphic design for an official district project or needs the official EPS logo, please complete the form below. The form is only open to Edmond Public Schools employees and must be completed while signed into your EPS Google account.

Please email Traci Hayes with any questions.

Open Records Requests

The Edmond Public School District complies with the Oklahoma Open Records Act. Records are available for public viewing and copying, except for records that are confidential under state and federal law per School Board policy #5550.


The following fee structure applies to open records requests:

  • No charge for photocopies up to ten (10).

  • Photocopies over ten (10) in number: $ .10 per page.

  • Computer-produced documents: $ .25 per page

  • Copies of audio/videotapes are $6.00 per tape

EPS reserves the right to charge a search fee if the information requested is for commercial purposes or causes an excessive disruption of essential functions of District staff.

The fees associated with these types of are as follows:

  • $12 per hour for support staff time

  • $50 per hour for administrative time

  • $100 per hour for IT time with regard to locating digital records which are then provided to support staff to copy, assemble and redact prior to the disclosure of the records.

All fees for copies and delivery costs must be paid before documents are provided.

PLEASE NOTE: This form is not for those seeking student record requests such as transcripts, grades, or report cards. Those requests should be made by calling the school the student last attended.

For open records requests, please submit the following form. Your inquiry will be directed to the right department or person.

Directory Information

A student’s name, address, telephone listing, photograph,  grade level, dates of attendance, school or district attended prior to enrollment in EPS, extracurricular participation, achievement awards or honors, weight and height if member of an athletic team and parent names are considered directory information and will be released to anyone who follows the procedures for requesting the information unless the parent or guardian objects to disclosing such information. To receive a non-disclosure form, Send an email to Claire Leasau

Similarly, the district collects and stores on a server the following student and staff information:


Name, address, phone number, email, school site, parent/guardian names, address, phone numbers, email, academic records, discipline records


Name, address, phone numbers (cell and home), email, school site, SSN, direct deposit information, tax withholding elections, insurance, and beneficiary elections, salary information, I-9s

Media Reminders

Edmond Public Schools appreciates coverage from our media partners. In order to ensure there are no disruptions to our students and staff, media must request and receive permission from the Communications Department before conducting interviews, shooting video or pictures or otherwise entering an EPS campus.

All interviews with Edmond Public Schools staff or students must also be approved ahead of time by the EPS Communications Department.

To interview an Edmond student or staff member or shoot video inside or outside our schools, please first contact Public Information Officer Jeff Bardach at 405.340.2858 or Send an Email to Jeff Bardach

Mobile App

The district's free mobile app will help EPS families stay up-to-date on important issues, information and activities underway within the district. It is available for download in the Apple and Android app stores by searching for Edmond Public Schools.

Key features include:

  • Ability to sign up for push notifications from both the district and school sites

  • News

  • District and school event calendars

  • Lunch Menus

  • Athletic Information

  • Language Translations

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