College  Student in Library

College and Career Readiness

Career Awareness

All students should graduate from high school ready for college, careers, and life, prepared to pursue the future of their choosing.

Readiness for postsecondary training and education is critical for students’ future success and ability to access career opportunities. High school graduation rates have increased, yet evidence suggests that students are not ready for postsecondary education and training that is required to obtain a job with a living wage.

Solutions to this challenge require support for secondary schools to build and implement evidence-based interventions and supports and to create partnerships (e.g., education, workforce, industry) to create environments that support college and career readiness and opportunity for all students.

Edmond teachers emphasize creativity, innovation, collaboration, teamwork, and personal responsibility so that students develop a well-rounded skill set to help them succeed in both the academic program of their choice as well as a career beyond the classroom.

Pathways and Partnerships

In Edmond, increased awareness and emphasis is being placed on creating pathways and partnerships from elementary, middle to high school.  Students have the opportunity to narrow their talents and interests, create goals, explore interests and put post-secondary plans into action.  Career awareness and work-based learning opportunities are key components to helping students succeed after high school.