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group of middle school orchestra students performing for elementary students

Fine Arts

Edmond Public School understands the value and importance of the fine arts and the essential role in developing the well-rounded student. Students in our district are enriched with an arts education curriculum starting at the elementary level and are encouraged to continue through their secondary years. Students in our district are provided with first-class instruction that produces skills that transcend beyond the classroom and performance, but to generate citizens that contribute to our community. 

In addition, Edmond's thriving arts community and partnerships with local foundations provide additional support that cultivate a meaningful appreciation for the arts. We are very grateful for a community that supports our district's efforts and continues to value the importance of a robust arts education. 

EPS's Fine Arts programs continue to be a leader on the local, state, and national level for producing quality performers and visual artists that are associated with the best in the activity. 

The arts are alive and well in Edmond Public Schools!

Celebrating Fine Arts in EPS

Fine Arts Staff