Board of Education Building

Board of Education

The Edmond Public Schools Board of Education establishes policies and procedures to ensure the successful operation of the school district. Board members oversee construction projects, education-related purchases, and district policies while acting within the framework of state and federal laws. Each member of the five-person board is elected to a five-year term by patrons of the Edmond Public Schools district. Board members must live within district boundaries. 

five EPS board members group photo in 2023 in board room

Back row (from left): Cynthia Benson, Courtney Hobgood, Marcus Jones. Front row (from left) Lee Ann Kuhlman, Jamie Underwood

Board Meetings

Board meetings are held on the first Monday of each month unless otherwise noted. All meetings are held at the district headquarters at 1001 W. Danforth in Edmond. Time is set aside at the beginning of each meeting for questions, comments, or suggestions from the public. However, patrons must sign up to speak prior to the meeting. To speak at a monthly board meeting, contact Board Clerk Judy Pendergraft

Board of Education Members

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EPS Board Vice President Marcus Jones Headshot

Marcus Jones

District 5 Representative
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Marcus Jones, elected to the EPS Board of Education in 2022, brings a unique perspective and personal investment to his role. As a product of EPS himself and a parent of two children attending EPS schools, his dedication to ensuring the district's excellence is evident. Reflecting on his own positive experiences with educators, Mr. Jones is committed to preserving and enhancing the quality of education for current and future EPS students. 

With a deep appreciation for the collaborative efforts that keep EPS functioning effectively, Mr. Jones relishes the opportunity to witness the various components of the district working in harmony. His overarching goal is to foster an environment where all students and staff members thrive, making EPS the premier educational institution in Oklahoma. Through his service on the Board of Education, Mr. Jones aims to uphold the legacy of excellence that defines EPS while also striving for continual improvement and innovation.

EPS Board District 2 Representative Courtney Hobgood Headshot

Courtney Hobgood

Vice President
District 2 Representative
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Courtney Hobgood was elected to the EPS Board of Education in 2022. As the mother of three children in EPS schools, Mrs. Hobgood says she loves being a part of the district and is proud to be part of something that is so great. Her boys will be in EPS schools for the next ten years, and she wants to ensure the district is set up for continued success. Mrs. Hobgood says her favorite part of being on the Board is spending time with our students and staff members on site visits and as part of our student and staff advisory committees.

Cynthia Benson

Cynthia Benson

District 4 Representative
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Cynthia Benson was first elected to the EPS Board of Education in 2014. She says she became interested in serving to make sure a parent’s perspective was represented on the Board. Both of Mrs. Benson’s children went through Edmond schools and she says they greatly benefited from the education they received from the district with a solid foundation to build on. She loves watching students discover interests and develop talents in the classroom or through the many extracurricular options offered at EPS.

EPS Board President Lee Ann Kuhlman Headshot

Lee Ann Kuhlman

District 1 Representative
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Lee Ann Kuhlman has served on the EPS Board of Education since 2010. She was an educator in the EPS district for fourteen years. Her interest in community service and her background in education inspired her to give back to the district. After raising her three children, all Edmond graduates, and retiring, she saw serving on the board as an opportunity to give back to the community.  Her experiences provide a unique perspective. Mrs. Kuhlman believes it is important to provide educational opportunities that meet the needs of every student, as well as maintain the excellent standard that Edmond has established.

Jamie Underwood

Jamie Underwood

District 3 Representative
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Jamie Underwood was first elected to the EPS Board of Education in 2001, and she continues to serve today because she believes in the value of education and the lasting impact it has on the future of our students and our community. Both of her parents were educators, and when her own four children were EPS students, she volunteered her time at their school, eventually serving as President of the PTO. Her time in the PTO sparked her interest in all of the outstanding opportunities the district offers.Serving on the Board has allowed her to continue to broaden her ability to work with parents, students, teachers, coaches, and sponsors throughout the district. Mrs Underwood says she enjoys being an advocate for all of our EPS students, whether through decisions with regard to facilities, classroom instruction, or helping to make sure EPS continues to attract the best and brightest teachers for our students.