In-District Transfers

In-District Transfers

Secondary Transfers

At this time, Edmond’s secondary schools do not accept in-district transfers.  In compliance with policy #4850, certain exceptions exist, including ROTC participants and employee children attending school in their parents’ vertical. Families seeking an exception in any of the listed cases may pursue further information at the district office by calling Laura Morgan at 340-2823. Please review the boundaries as well as the attendance guidelines to learn more about the enrollment exceptions and how they may apply to your family.

ROTC Transfer Exceptions

AFJROTC is only offered at Edmond North High School (ENHS).  The Edmond Public Schools Administration Center (EPSAC) must approve transfers for Edmond Public Schools’ rising 9th and 10th-grade students who would normally attend Memorial or Santa Fe High Schools.  EPSAC will not consider student transfer requests to ENHS from rising EPS juniors or seniors.  EPSAC may consider transfer requests from “new to EPS” students. Students who were enrolled in a JROTC program at another high school are encouraged to apply.  Transfer students who choose to disenroll or are disenrolled from AFJROTC will return to their home high school.  For questions on the process, call ENHS’ Senior Aerospace Science Instructor at 405-726-7173.

Elementary Transfers

Parents of elementary students may request a transfer to another Edmond school, however, parents should be aware that transfers are extremely limited. Parents should also be aware that if the transfer is granted, the student is expected to attend the middle school in their residential area. Transfer forms are available at all elementary schools or the district office. Transfers are reviewed on a first-come-first-served basis within priority categories established by the Board of Education which are noted on the request form. For more information, please Contact Dana Elkins

Transfers for Children of Employees

Students of EPS employees are allowed to transfer to a school within the vertical in which their parent works. Transfers for children of district employees are required to be completed annually. 

Employees may pick up the Inter-District Transfer packet now from Laura Morgan at the district headquarters. Employees are encouraged to submit their transfer request paperwork by July 18 or sooner. Please contact Laura Morgan (340-2823) if you are unable to get your application turned in by July 18.